Peggy Webb Hendrix, M.A., has an undergraduate degree in English and received her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Michigan.  Upon graduation, Peggy entered a career in higher education, serving as an administrator at Michigan for a number of years before moving to Atlanta.

Peggy then served as a senior administrator in several roles at Emory University.  She became intimately acquainted with dyslexia when her third child, a son, was diagnosed and enrolled at The Schenck School.  As a result of her son’s transformational experience at The Schenck School, Peggy became passionate about dyslexia remediation.  She completed her Orton Gillingham training and taught at the School for ten years before becoming Director of Admissions.  Peggy’s professional associations include the Academy of Orton Professionals and Educators with membership at the Associate level, the American Psychological Association, the Learning and the Brain Society, the National Association of Independent Schools, the Southern Association of Independent Schools, and the International Dyslexia Association.  Her current interests include dyslexia research and educational innovation.

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